Mandated dance time serves our business well

Dancing at work for team focus

In our office, we have mandated DANCING twice a day….

Yes, you read that right. I (Dave Wilson), was a skeptic as a 50 year old guy that has never felt the need to dance. In our office, our employees start each day with dance/club type songs and again right after lunch. If one of our clients are in the office, they will be asked to join in.

The difference has been noticeable. Attitudes are better, our team members seem to be more energetic, and even those who are hesitant to awkwardly put themselves out there are getting their groove on.

The heightened state that a person gets into right after rigorous activity seems to let the information in the morning staff meetings soak in a bit deeper, answer questions a bit easier, and our team getting together promotes sharing their great ideas.

My beat-up body seems to have more flexibility and is less achy going through the day. My focus has been sharper, and new ideas seem to come easier.

As our company’s Executive Manager and Safety Consultant, I did some research about why dancing is a good thing for my employees and how the “lost” time involved can actually benefit my fiscal bottom line.

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Are you ready for the next disaster?

emergency funds

Americans from every walk of life have experienced the challenges of rebuilding their lives after a disaster or other emergency. These stressful circumstances make having access to your banking, insurance, medical, and other records crucial for the process of recovery without frustrating delay. Take the time now to collect and secure your critical information to give you peace of mind.
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Introducing our safety services to save you time and money

Our goal is to enable your business to be even more profitable. That’s why we’ve expanded our services from accounting and payroll, to include the expertise of Dave Wilson in Safety and Compliance. You can trust Dave as an OSHA certified instructor with 30 years of experience working with regulations at the county, state and federal levels.

Do your new full time or seasonal employees need training? We offer safety training to meet your needs, as you need them. We are experts in designing programs tailored to your business whether you’re a new business or a veteran.

Do you have an in-house safety professional that is over worked and needs some assistance to get up to date? We act as an independent safety auditor to go through your facility and partner with you in safety compliance. We have the expertise to provide you with solutions that not only keep you current with the newest regulations, but also save you money.

What benefits can you expect?
• Cut overhead costs with increased efficiency
• Correct potential problems with our pre-OSHA inspection service
• Reduce injuries, loss and their associated costs
• Stay up to date on safety regulations required to keep your business compliant
• Provide you with safety manuals specific to your company / industry needs
• Lower insurance expenses with greater insurance market access
• Deduct our service as a 100 percent business expense

We provide safety consulting for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to; manufacturing, construction, agriculture, wine, food service, entertainment and transportation.

We guarantee measurable results and your satisfaction. Why put off getting your company’s safety program in place and up to date when you can start saving money now?
Call Dave Wilson today at 805-226-8790 or email for your FREE consultation.